Do European Women Like American Guys?
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Do European Women Like American Guys?

Let’s make it clear: Generalization is very close to a stereotype, and we can’t just say that all the European women love Americans. It may sound like “All Americans are good at doing business” or “All Asians are good at math”. These are positive stereotypes, but they are still stereotypes, and they can be harmful. That’s why we don’t want to tell you that all the European women for marriage love American men. But, well, almost all of them do. Here, we will talk about the reasons why Americans attract these girls easily — and we’ll also tell you some simple tips for a successful first date. Let’s start!

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5 reasons why European women like American men

The view on Americans is pretty complex in Europe… But not when it comes to Eastern Europe. The absolute majority of women from this part of Europe adore American men — and there are at least 5 reasons for that. Wanna know more details? Then continue reading!

  1. The physical appearance of Americans. Tall, tan, fit, and with great smiles — that’s what Eastern European girls think about Americans. Even if it’s not 100% true, here’s another fact: Americans do generally look better than most of the Eastern European guys. They are usually well-groomed, neat, and they wear stylish clothes — and European women do really love it.
  2. They are confident. Americans tend to be confident — they go after their dreams and always stick to their words. The guys from the US are not too confident and they are not too shy. In most cases, they are perfectly balanced in this regard.
  3. They are gentlemen. Honest, respectful, powerful, and supportive — that’s what makes a gentleman, that’s the qualities most Americans have, and that’s another reason why European women love American men. This is especially true for Russian brides, they are very fond of gentlemen.
  4. They are ambitious and hard-working. Let’s make it clear: They are not gold-diggers, and they are not looking for a rich guy. But of course, they want to find a financially stable man with a good job — that’s what all women want, not only European ladies. Americans are usually quite ambitious and they have prospects — that’s another reason why the women from Europe prefer these men to their local guys.
  5. Their sense of humor is important, too. Laughter is sexy, healthy, and good for relationships. European women love it when men have a sense of humor, and Americans have a natural sense of humor, which is just great.

3 tips for American men to date a European woman

do european woman love american men

Physical appearance, confidence, respectfulness, ambitiousness, and sense of humor — these are the most important qualities why European women love American men. What does it mean for you? It means that you can benefit from this knowledge. Continue reading to find some simple and useful tips that will help you to impress and attract any European lady!

  • First of all, you have to look perfect. The first impression is EXTREMELY important for these ladies, and as you know, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. To impress a woman, make sure that you look stylish and cool — it doesn’t matter if you prefer casual or formal style; the only requirement is that you look neat.
  • Then, be confident and respectful, even if you lack confidence in real life. It’s actually a piece of general advice that works great with all the ladies, not only with the European women. Respect them, add some confidence, and it will work.
  • And the last one is: buy a bouquet or a small gift (perfume, medium-priced jewelry, etc). Almost every European girl will love it, with no doubts.

Don’t miss the possibility to court a woman from Europe: it is easier than you think!