How To Make A European Woman Fall In Love With You?
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How To Make A European Woman Fall In Love With You?

Dating a brides from Europe is pretty much the same thing as dating an American girl — they all love compliments, they all love strong and smart men, and they all love it when a man has serious intentions. But there are still some differences — and here, we’ll talk about them. If you want to know how to make a European woman fall in love with you, continue reading!

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Making a European girl fall in love with you: Top 4 first date tips

How To Make A European Woman Fall In Love With You?
  1. It’s always you who pays the bill. In the United States, you can split the bill even if it’s your first date, but that’s not the thing you should do in Europe, especially in its Eastern part. There are lots of guides that tell that a man must split the bill on the second and on the third date, but if you’re going to date a girl from Europe, just forget about it.
  2. Look stylish and neat. Women from both Western and Eastern Europe often spend hours to look great, and they always do it before the first date with a new guy. That’s why it makes sense that you must look perfect, too — smart casual and formal styles will work great. Make sure that you look your best before the first date, because there is only one opportunity to make the first impression, and the first impression is extremely important when it comes to dating European women.
  3. Classic dates work best, there’s no need to go to a fancy restaurant. Some people believe that the better and the more expensive the restaurant is, the higher your chances are. But in reality, that’s not how it works. In reality, casual coffee dates work much better for the first time — such dates mean less pressure, and that’s exactly what you need for your first date.
  4. Bring flowers or a small gift. If you want to make a European woman fall in love with you, start with something small. A small gift, like a perfume or a piece of jewelry, will work great, as well as a bouquet. But don’t forget to find out what her favorite flower is!

What else do you need to know to win a European woman’s heart?

  • Be patient. The Western European dating culture is very similar to the American dating culture, but when it comes to Eastern Europe, things change. One of the biggest differences is that Eastern European women don’t love the guys who want to speed the things up. That’s why we highly recommend not trying to kiss a woman on the first date and not trying to press for intimacy too soon. Be patient and you’ll love the result.
  • Be the leader and make plans. European girls, especially Russian brides, love it when the man takes an active role and makes plans. Put more effort, plan everything, be initiative — and you will impress most of European girls.
  • Always be confident. It’s not rocket science — confidence is still extremely important, especially with European women. Don’t try to hide anything, just be yourself without overthinking it and you’ll see that it really works.

Dating European women is not rocket science, yet there are some details to consider. Be a man, and remember to stay sincere in your feelings. European appreciate good attitude and are ready to give back twice more love when they feel it.