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European Women Vs American Women

Dating European Women vs American Women: What You Should Know

Of course, women are different throughout the world. You’ve heard all these stereotypes — Latinas are more emotional, Asians tend to be shy and conservative, Eastern European women are family-oriented and feminine, etc, etc. If you want to understand the ladies from Europe better, read this text — here, we will talk about the main differences between European and American women and about the dating culture in Europe. Let’s go!

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Main differences between European women and American women

We won’t talk about such things as hair and eye color here — there are millions of ladies in the US and in Europe, and each woman is unique, so it would be a little rude to generalize all of them. And by the way, it was said thousands of times, so we don’t want to explain the basics here. Instead, we’ll talk about what we believe are the three main differences between European women and American women.

  1. Beautiful European women want to look great 24/7. Not that American women don’t want to look good, no. It’s more like they just don’t spend a few hours every single day to apply perfect makeup and to do their hair. Eastern European women, in turn, want to look perfect all the time — which means they literally don’t leave a house without makeup! It looks great (and that’s one of the reasons why we all love them), but it’s very time-consuming.
  2. European women do often act cold and distant on the first date. European women can look cold and distant in comparison with American ladies. However, even if a woman acts cold on your first date, especially the Russian brides, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you. European brides just act cold and frosty at the beginning, it’s actually one of their tricks — so don’t misinterpret the signs. They usually warm up in a few minutes.
  3. American girls are more open to a casual relationship. It’s quite easy to meet girls for one-night stands in the United States, and it’s quite easy to find women who want casual relationships in this country. Europe (especially Eastern Europe) is not like the US in this regard — the absolute majority of European ladies prefer a long-term relationship. So, if you’re searching for something serious, Europe is a perfect place for you.

European and American girls have different dating culture

European Women Vs American Women
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But that’s not all. When it comes to comparison of European women vs American women, it’s very important to mention the dating culture differences. With no doubt, dating in Europe differs from dating in the US, and here, we’ll talk about the 4 main differences.

  • Feminine compliments. Some American women are not comfortable with being complimented with words like “beautiful” and “pretty”, but when it comes to Eastern Europe, you shouldn’t worry about it. Compliments are extremely important here, and you will never offend a European lady with a compliment (even if it’s gender-specific).
  • Buying a gift or a cool bouquet. Some women in the US don’t accept the gifts and flowers from men, and you surely know what we are talking about. In Europe, you will not have such problems, and most of the European girls will appreciate it if you buy them flowers or presents.
  • Looking great is important. Maybe it’s not the most important thing here in the United States, but in Europe, you have to look great to attract a lady. It’s not that your first date is a white tie event, but you still have to look stylish if you’re going to have a successful date.
  • Going Dutch. In the US, it’s ok (however, not always and not on the first date). In Western Europe, it’s not as ok as in the US. In the Eastern European countries, you should forget about it, because that’s not how it works there. You’ll have to pay for the dinner, sorry.