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Before we begin discussing how Russian women like guys from the United States, let’s mention a few things about Russian brides. A lot of single Russian women want to date and marry a foreign man. They are ready to start a strong and lifelong relationship with a guy from a different country. These girls are not seeking relationships only with wealthy or successful men – love is what drives them!

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Facts about marriages between Russian women and American men

To answer the question ‘do Russian women like American men’, one can easily take a look at statistics on marriages with Russian girls. It has been found by Pew Research that over 20% of American guys who seek relationships online want to date women from Russia. Marriages between American men and Russian women are among the most lasting and successful – there is only 0.3% of the divorce rate. Unfortunately, there are no statistics on how many girls from this country are married to men from the United States, but it is possible to assume that the number increases every single year since mail order bride sites become more and more popular.

Qualities that Russian women seek in American guys

To figure out do Russian women like American men, one should understand what qualities these magnificent ladies want to find in their future husbands. This section is devoted specifically to this purpose – you will learn about all important features and qualities that every man who wants to make a Russian woman fall in love with should have.

  • A man has to be responsible and trustworthy – building online relationships means starting a new chapter with a man.
  • A man should show how romantic and attentive he is – make sure to listen to your date and show how much you enjoy your communication
  • A man has to be interested in building a family – if you do not have a goal of starting a family with a woman, Russian mail order brides might not be for you
  • A man has to be confident to be the head of the family – girls from Russia will follow a strong and decisive leader
  • A man should be interesting and intellectual – the majority of brides from Russia are educated and want to find an equally intelligent partner
  • A man should be respectful and kind – plenty of women for marriage from this country wish to look for an online date because of previous negative experiences with men
  • A man should be interested in date’s life – ask your woman about her family and culture, and you will conquer her

Although some may say that this list is quite lengthy, it is also possible to agree that most of the qualities that women from Russia seek in their husbands are quite reasonable and represent a normal behavior of a man. Therefore, to date a lady from this country, you do not need to try too much – you just need to be yourself and treat your bride with kindness, respect, and love.

What do Russian women want from American men?

do russian women like american men

It is also useful to know what drives women from this country to seek relationships with guys from a different culture. Understanding reasons to date online can help you figure out whether Russian brides are for you or not.

They want to get new experiences

Dating a person from a different culture is exciting and informative. One can learn so many things since cultural differences can help a person become more broad-minded and open to new experiences.

They do not want to date local guys

Very often, brides for marriage seek online dating because they are disappointed in local men. Russian guys do not want to treat their ladies properly, which is why a lot of women from this country seek dates with foreign men.

Thus, after reading this article, you know why do Russian women like American men. We hope that you have learned enough to start your online dating journey today! Enjoy exceptional communication with hundreds of gorgeous Russian brides and make sure to find your ideal woman for marriage!