Russian Brides Tours: What Can Russian Romance Tours Offer?
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Russian Brides Tours: What Can Russian Romance Tours Offer?

You’ve definitely heard about the beauty, kindness, and femininity of Russian girls. For men willing to check it by their own experience and find Russian brides, marriage agencies organize Russian wife tours. This review contains information about the types of tours, their costs, and the best Russian cities for dating tourism. Get ready for your unforgettable romantic journey!

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Purpose of Russian brides tours

Russian wife tours are usually arranged for a group of men who come to Russia for several days, during which they go sightseeing, visit restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and meet Russian girls. On tour, you go for multiple dates and get a chance to become a hero of mail order bride success stories. If you don’t find the love of your life, there’s nothing to worry about. Russian brides tours will bring you pleasant memories and amazing romantic experiences.

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Types of Russian wife tours

Most agencies may offer you a variety of Russian romance tours, depending on your aim, the number of cities you want to visit, and the companionship you’re eager to have.

Solo tours

If you’re a loner and enjoy comfort, you can choose a solo Russian love tour. It’ll be organized following all your needs and wishes to get the most positive experience and meet the best Russian girls.

Group tours

If you’re unwilling to go to a new country alone and want to meet a great team of associates, Russian love group tours are exactly for you. The group usually consists of 5 to a few dozens of men expecting to find their love in Russia. Being a part of such a group in a Russian marriage tour is safer, cheaper, and more exciting than traveling alone. However, you should be ready to win in a real rivalry for girls’ attention.

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Meet-your-dream-girl tour

If you already communicate with a Russian mail-order bride and want to meet her in real life, agencies organize special Russian romance tours with unique romantic programs so that you and your Russian girl can spend an amazing time together and learn each other better.

One-city tours and multiple-cities tours

Depending on how many places you want to visit, you may choose Russian women tours to one or several Russian cities. The first option will give you enough time to learn more about the place and make a complete picture of local girls. Meanwhile, the second variant will provide you with a chance to compare girls living in different cities and choose what’s best for you.

Russian marriage tours cost

Just like Russian mail order brides prices, the costs of Russian dating tours differ, depending on their type, duration, and your wishes. The price is expected to cover all the expenses for transportation, accommodation, breakfasts, translation services, and dating parties. A weekend group tour may cost around $3,500, while a week-long solo tour price will be approximately $10,000. If you want to get a personalized program, the cost of such a Russian women’s tour may rise to $20,000.

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Best cities for Russian marriage tours

To meet charming Russian girls, it’s better to go to large cities, such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Ufa, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.


The capital of Russia, this city is perfect for meeting Russian girls. The huge population and plenty of restaurants and nightclubs multiply your chances to meet the girl you want. Moscow girls are known for their style and glamour, so get ready to keep in line.

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Saint Petersburg

It’s the cultural capital of Russia with fantastic architecture, a unique atmosphere, and charming girls. If you’re willing to meet intelligent, educated, and delicate girls, this city is the best choice for your Russian love tour.


It’s another Russian city with impressive architecture. Though it’s one of the largest cities in the state, the girls living here are different from those from Moscow: they’re shy, less pretentious, and much more sincere.


It’s a perfect city for a Russian women’s tour if you like girls with exotic appearances. Among people living here, Tatars and Bashkirs make up a large bulk of the general population. Therefore, most local women have extraordinary beauty uniting European and Asian traits.


It’s known as a city of many confessions. The main religions practiced by local people are Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, and Protestantism. Therefore, when dating a girl from Samara during your Russian love tour, avoid criticizing any religions for preventing misunderstanding.

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Nizhny Novgorod

It’s an ancient Russian city that once was an important trade and cultural center and where Russian duchess and princesses lived. Modern girls are as good as their foremothers and will impress you with their manners, education, and delicacy of taste.

Advantages of Russian marriage tours

  • Russian girls are beautiful and friendly
  • Many Russian brides are willing to meet foreign men
  • Russia is a country with a unique culture
  • The cost of Russian brides tours is lower than of similar tours to European countries


Russian brides tours are a perfect choice for you if you’re willing to spend a fantastic time in the company of charming Russian girls, make new friends, and explore a unique Russian culture. Most modern agencies offer a variety of options, which allows you to choose a Russian love tour that will fully satisfy your requirements and bring you an unforgettable experience.