Russian Women Vs American Women
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Russian Women Vs American Women

We would like to state that we do not say that women from Russia are better than American ladies, or vice versa. The purpose of this article is to help you realize the benefits of building a relationship with a bride from this country. We believe that every single man and woman should find a suitable and matching partner, regardless of how society changes and develops. Therefore, please, take a look at this guide that our team of dating experts has designed specifically for you!

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Basic differences between Russian and American girls

Well, let’s define what makes millions of American guys seek relationships with Russian mail order brides. First of all, it is important to understand that there are enough women in the US to marry, but still, a huge number of guys seek relationships with Russian beauties. Let’s find out why!

Attitude toward serious relationships

First of all, it is important to state that women from Russia and the US have different views regarding relationships. While women from Russia consider long-term and serious relationships to be an essential part of their lives, American ladies prefer less serious communication. It does not mean that women from the United States are not into monogamous and lifelong relationships. Still, more women from Russia are seeking such relationships as soon as possible.

Views on family

This is probably the most significant difference in the subject of Russian women vs American women. Family is fundamental for ladies from Russia, which is why you can find so many women for marriage from Russia. A young woman would seek communication and family life with a foreign guy because it is her dream and dating an American man means stability, both economic and emotional. Women from America, on the other hand, prefer fulfilling their career and educational goals first. One may agree that it is quite common among ladies from the United States to pursue work-oriented goals and only then seek a husband or build a family.

Views of family roles

Russian Women Vs American Women

It is also possible to state that women from Russia are quite obeying and humble. There is no point in denying that these ladies are emotional, proud, and quite independent. However, they would always follow a respectful, loyal, kind, and just husband. A man is the head of the family, even though a wife is its neck. American society is more progressive so to say. One may say that there is no leader in the family as everything is divided equally. And it does not mean that either of these approaches is better than the other. It just means that some men seek relationships where they could be in charge.

Pros and cons of dating Russian and American women

Now that we have defined the main Russian women vs American women arguments, it is quite useful to mention a few pros and cons of dating ladies from Russia. We believe that providing all the available information honestly is how one should learn about mail order brides from a particular country.


  • Russian brides are incredibly beautiful, passionate, and sexy
  • These best Slavic brides know how to be excellent housewives and mothers
  • Ladies from Russia are ready to be in charge of the entire household
  • Russian girls are educated, intelligent, and highly communicative – you will never be bored with them
  • Dating women from this country is affordable, effective, and quick – you do not need to spend a lot of money or time
  • There are millions of brides who seek communication and real and strong relationships with American men


  • Sometimes, Russian brides can be too independent and stubborn
  • Not all women for marriage from this country have perfect English


Accordingly, the fact that there are millions of women for marriage from Russia is a decent reason to look for one for you! You can be sure that Russian women can give you something that American girls cannot – and this is the point of online mail order bride websites! Getting new experiences and emotions from such a simple thing as dating is what can help you find your true love and happiness!