Ukrainian Dating Culture: How To Date Ukrainian Women
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Ukrainian Dating Culture: How To Date Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian culture inevitably influences dating with local women as well. There`s certain behavior expected both from males and females. For a foreigner, it first might seem too much alien mentality, but in reality, women are women everywhere, and your love and respect are able to melt their hearts. The key to success is in little learning and preparation for how ladies might behave with you. In this article, you get the compilation of the common dating rules to make a Ukrainian woman fall in love with you. Go on exploring!

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1. Wooing is man`s responsibility.

Flowers, small and big gifts, and any kind of attention are expected from the male. For a lady, it`s a sign a man cares about her. And it`s not only about material things. If you can solve her problems and not only state this, but prove it with actions, she`ll fall for you. Every Ukrainian bride is strong and confident, but they all dream about feeling weaker in men`s arms.

2. Man always pays.

Everyone who ever had a chance to date Ukrainian women knows he`s the one who pays the bill. And not only in the restaurant. Ladies expect men to pay for their trips, cinema and theater tickets, and sometimes even grocery. They`re not gold-diggers. It`s just another proof a man can provide for a possible future family, and a lady can feel safe with him.

3. Ukrainian women date slowly.

It might be years between the first date and marriage. Even if she likes you at first sight it might take time until she tells she wants to be with you or you`re in a serious relationship now. Maybe, that`s because of mistrust after a previous dating. Many Ukrainian women are underestimated by Ukrainian men, that`s why disappointment after the last break-up isn`t rare.

4. Meeting friends is important.

If you don`t introduce her to your friends and family, you don`t have any serious intention about her. This s what Ukrainian women believe. That`s why if she wants you to go out with her friends, never refuse! She just wants all her close people to know she`s serious about you, and so they have a chance to like you too.

5. Man makes the first step.

If you want to date a Ukrainian woman, be ready to take complete responsibility for the start and development of this relationship. Even the girl likes you and wants to know you better and give you two a chance, she might stay silent in case you don`t make any steps. You`re the one who calls, asks for dates, and expresses feelings. Yes, there are many modern Ukrainian females who can be straightforward. But, as a rule, you might never know she likes you if you haven`t even tried to make the first step.

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6. Spending free time separately isn`t welcomed.

If you plan a vacation without your Ukrainian girlfriend, beware. She`ll think you have a lover or just want to have rest from her. In Ukraine, couples do almost everything together: travel, hang out with friends, go to the grocery, jog in the morning. It might seem torture for your personal space, but that`s a sign of love and deep connection for her.

7. “Dress to impress” works for men too.

If you`ve ever seen a Ukrainian lady, you know how much they care about their looks. Makeup, beautiful dress, nice hairstyle, and heels — no, it`s not a lady going to someone`s birthday party. Ukrainian girls like to look their best even going shopping. If she`s serious about you, she`ll try to revise your clothes too. In case there`s anything to improve. If you care about your looks yourself and like nice clothes, you have extra points and more chances to win a Ukrainian woman`s heart.

Ukrainian dating culture doesn`t differ much from the one you`re used to. Just pay more attention to certain rules and you`re doomed to success in relationships with a beautiful Ukrainian lady. And isn`t this a great reward to strive to?