Russian Mail Order Bride Success Stories: Do They Happily Live After
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Russian Mail Order Bride Success Stories: Do They Happily Live After

Many people looking for love avoid using dating platforms because of a false belief that all their users want just flirt, sex, and fun, but not serious relationships. However, the 6 stories of girls from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, and Bulgaria are the best proof that everything mentioned above is nothing but a myth. Each of these mail order bride success stories demonstrates that neither distance nor life challenges can prevent people from finding their love. Just take the first step!

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Russian mail order bride stories

Maria, 32, and Nick, 40

After a divorce, Nick decided he wanted to dedicate his life to travel. He spent 2 years moving from one American city to another, hoping to find a perfect place for starting a new life. However, when he finally found such a spot in Florida, he understood he needed a soulmate to accompany him. Nick had heard much about mail order bride real stories and the beauty of Russian brides online and decided to register at a dating website. In 2 weeks, he found Maria’s profile and wrote to her. After 3 months of interaction, the two understood they’re a perfect match. Maria shared many of Nick’s hobbies and wanted to build a happy family. Nick came to Moscow to meet with Maria and proposed. Now, the couple lives in Florida and plans a world tour!

Russian mail order bride stories
Happy couple in love smiling and dating outdoor

Tatiana, 40, and Antonio, 45

Both Antonio and Tatiana had several unsuccessful dating experiences before they decided to register at a dating network. Tatiana had known a few happy Russian bride stories from her friends who’d met their husbands in such a way. Antonio, in his turn, had always been enchanted by the attractiveness of Slavic women. Nevertheless, he hesitated for a few days before sending a message to Tatiana, afraid she wouldn’t like him. Tatiana replied and instantly made Antonio fall in love with her. Both being mature and independent personalities, the two don’t hasten their relationship. Instead, they organize dates in Russia and Italy, go for vacations together, and enjoy the most romantic period of their lives.

Ukrainian real mail order bride stories

Olga, 24, and Demitry, 34

Olga always knew she wanted to have a big family, but none of her Ukrainian boyfriends shared her dream. Demitry was the first man who wrote to her after she registered at a dating site and won her heart right away. A young Greek surgeon, an athlete, who loved kids and dreamt of a big family, was an ideal man for Olga. It later turned out, one of Demitry’s great-grandmothers was from Ukraine, which inspired him to look for a girl among Ukraine mail order brides. Currently, the couple lives in Athens and is waiting for their first baby.

Mail Order Bride Success Stories

Nadiya, 50, and Noah, 51

Nadiya and Noah were in their fifties when they met at a social platform and didn’t expect to become the heroes of mail order bride success stories. Nadiya’s husband had died, and she was just willing to find someone to relieve her loneliness. Noah, in his turn, was a confirmed bachelor from Canada who was looking for flirt, and Ukraine wife price matched with his finances. Nevertheless, after 6 months, hundreds of letters, and dozens of phone calls, Nadiya and Noah realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Recently, Nadiya has moved to Ottawa and plans to get a Canadian permanent residence card.

Hungarian real mail order bride stories

Caroline, 28, and John, 35

Caroline had always dreamt of moving to the United States, and marrying an American man could make this dream possible. Still, all the mail order brides’ happy stories seemed unreal to her. When she registered at a dating website, she received letters from many men, but none attracted her. However, John managed to gain Caroline’s affection through his intelligence, good manners, and sincere interest in her personality. The young people interacted online for almost a year before John invited Caroline on tour to Paris, where he proposed.

Russian brides online
Young couple in love resting in the blooming garden

Bulgarian mail order bride success stories

Daria, 35, and Alex, 42

Alex never believed in any mail order brides happy stories and registered at a dating network simply because he lost a bet to his friend. Still, in a few days, he received a message from a charming girl from Bulgaria and replied to it. Message by message, the young people learned more about each other and realized they’re real soulmates. They felt they could share any thoughts and secrets. The only thing that worried Alex was that Daria had a successful career in Bulgaria and didn’t want to move to the United States. Not willing to lose the love of his life, Alex sold his apartment in America and bought a house at the Bulgarian seaside, where the couple is expecting their first baby now.

real mail order bride stories

Tips to make mail order bride stories where it works out

  • Choose people who aren’t only attractive but also share your interests
  • Be polite
  • Demonstrate sincere interest in your partner
  • Ask about your partner’s expectations from the relationship
  • Don’t be too pushy
  • Show initiative