Russian Women In Bed: Primary Tips For Getting Laid In Russia
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Russian Women In Bed: Primary Tips For Getting Laid In Russia

A serious relationship requires a lot of time and effort put in the process. However, if you decide to try your luck abroad, you should expect the task to be twice as challenging. Hot Russian brides photos inspire many men for exciting adventures. Yet, the difference in cultures leaves too many gaps open. The one that applies to sex with Russian women is surely one of the primary ones. It’s time to have all your questions answered!

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Russian women and sex: how do you know she’s ready?

Despite the modern trends and widely-spread stereotypes, getting a Russian lady in bed isn’t as simple as they say it is. It takes time to seduce her, and there are common signs to read to determine that she’s ready.

The lip signs

Russian women aren’t used to being the initiators of intimacy. However, she can easily show you that she’s ready. When you notice that your date touches her lips regularly and with no obvious reason for the deed, you can hope for the best.

Russian women like in bed

The ‘all-in’ gesture

Some may assume that ‘all-in’ indicates a lady telling you to invite her into your bed directly. Yet, instead, it merely means that once you kiss and move lower, and she doesn’t try to stop you—she’s more than eager to move to the next level.

The intimate setting

Usually, the first couple of dates take place somewhere public, and there’s no wonder why. Nevertheless, if the girl likes you enough to get intimate with you, she’d insist on more private meetings than regular cinemas, restaurants, and other related places.

What do Russian women like sexually?

You may browse countless facts about Russian girls, yet you end up with little to no clue about what they like in bed. The knowledge may be overwhelming since you don’t want to screw up, especially if you’re serious about the relationship. So, keeping the following tips in mind may help you keep the status of the best man in their life:

  • Due to the social background and certain gaps in the upbringing, Russian ladies are more likely to be led with ease. Being dominant is the key, yet, you need to be quite good at fulfilling the duties that a leader is bound to deal with.
  • Another peculiarity that can be listed as common for the nation is spontaneous intimacy. She may not like public intercourse, but if you feel that both of you are excited enough to take things to the next level, you may as well try your luck.
  • Last but not least, when you consider getting laid in Russia, you must remember that quality foreplay is your golden ticket. If you fail once, you may not get a second chance.

Russian women in bed: how often do they want to have sex?

Russian girls

No matter how much you hope to get a precise answer to the question, there simply isn’t one. All ladies are different, and it’s hard to predict how horny they get and how often. However, one thing remains—if you manage to trigger her desire, you’ll get the most of it. Thus, offering the same service for too long will surely bore a Russian girl. Versatility and innovation, let alone experimentation, is the key.

Are Russian girls easy?

Despite what some may claim—the assumption is utterly false. Thus, if you seriously consider Russian ladies for marriage, you need to be willing to master a skill or two and sacrifice some of your desires in her favor. So keep these pieces of advice, and you’ll manage to crack the toughest nut in the basket.

Start from afar

You should remember that sex with Russians starts long before bed. Thus, teasing her with sassy texts and hints while you’re still away may easily set the right mood on.

Discuss intimate subjects

Discovering one another’s desires is the fastest way to turn yourselves on. Of course, you don’t have to get to the naughty business straight away, but the intimate discussion usually helps.

Russian women in bed

Change the scenery

No one likes the routine, thus changing locations every now and then, will assist your sexual experience tremendously.


When you wonder about what are Russian women like in bed, you shouldn’t expect to find a ready manual on how to turn her on and bring her to climax. It takes time and effort to learn her desires and satisfy her needs. Yet, the result is usually worth the journey. The further you get, the better it’ll become!