Slavic Women Vs American Women: Differences & Similarities
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Slavic Women Vs American Women: Differences & Similarities

Slavic women are unique brides who have gained popularity not just in Europe but all around the globe and especially in the U.S. But why are a lot of Western men so interested in building relationships with Slavic mail order brides? Let’s find out what differs them from American women!

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So, speaking of the differences between Slavic and American women, there are a lot of points to note about.

1. The spirit

Slavic women are more self-reliant and more confident than American women. They like to be in charge and make their own decisions. Traditionally, Slavic women are responsible for the budget and the decisions that are made in the family. Most of them are the main motivation and strength for her husband, who are sometimes famous for being lazy. This is the reason why Slavic women are self-sufficient and more vigorous than American women.

You will find that Slavic women are more independent and free-spirited. The downside of this is that they have less patience than American women and a stronger temperament. So if you’re not a control freak and don’t mind fighting every once in a while, a Slavic woman may be a good fit for you.

2. The appearance

Slavic women have a unique beauty. According to many surveys, they are the most beautiful women in the world. But they do not rely only on their natural beauty. Slavic women, especially Ukrainian brides and Russian brides, are well-dressed and groomed, do sports, and make everything to be as beautiful as possible. American women usually do not take care of their look or outfit. Hence, American men will be surprised to see such a contrast between Slavic and American women.

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3. The lifestyle

Slavic brides are more practical. American women are famous for being great dreamers and not as practical as Slavic women. The Americans will always choose the spiritual over the material when the Slavic value the good life. They want the best, and they try to create a paradise within their home. Slavic women are very economical housewives and excellent cooks.

4. The character

Slavic girls don’t have much respect for authority and rules. They say that the character of the traditional Slavic has something of anarchist and rebellious. This means that your Slavic wife will have her own points of view and will find her own way of doing things, although, verbally, she agrees with your opinion.

In general, Slavic women are warm, more sensual, and energetic than American women. Sometimes it is more difficult to deal with Slavic women due to their strong temperament and demands. While an American woman feels love and tenderness for a “loser” and treats him like a “sick boy,” the Slavic woman prefers such a man who can be a strong man to the family, and they will reject someone who is not successful. Slavic women are strongly family-oriented and will put a lot of effort into having a happy and strong family.

There are a lot of differences between Slavic and American brides. Slavic women pretend to be more practical, motivated, and family-oriented, unlike American ladies. Hence, a lot of Western men try to meet Slavic women and build with them strong relationships and even marry. Take your chance to get the best Slavic relationships experience!